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mummy icons

death is only the beginning

The Mummy & Mummy Returns Icons!
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This community is for The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and The Scorpion King icons ONLY! These fandomtastic movies often go unrecognized and people rarely see how great they are!

This is the first Mummy icon community on LJ!

Yay for being the original eh?! Basically I created this community because I, fifthmorn, loved to icon the wonders of one of my favorite films but had NO WHERE to really show them to Mummy fans! Most of the communities on LJ for some of the stars of the films are either fairly inactive or aren't even going to be completed yet! So I got it into my mind to create a place for all of the fans to come together and icon like they're running from scarabs!

In association with another Mummy community I have created, themummyfans, which is specifically for the discussion, obsessive chatter, graphic loving, fanfiction posting greatness for the fans of The Mummy, we will rule LiveJournal! Or...at least the quarter who has even seen the movies!

1. No bashing of the film, if you don't like it, don't join, don't post, and don't reply to posts!
2. All posts of icons over 3 icons MUST go underneath an LJ-cut! Don't know how to do an LJ-cut? Click here!
3. If you decide to use an icon by another user from here, PLEASE credit them and it is appreciated if you leave a comment telling them if you're taking an icon or not.
4. This is for ICONS ONLY, all graphics such as friends only banners, headers, can be posted at themummyfans. (This is only an exception if your post contains both icons and graphics, then you can post in both communities!)
5. Play fair, be nice, comment & credit, all that good stuff! If you have any questions feel free to email me or comment me (fifthmorn)!

Questions You Might Ask:
1. Can I post icons of the actors of the films? ABSOLUTELY! This community is for the love and respect of both the film and the actors! Go ahead!
2. I made icons, but I don't know where to host them! Help? I always use PhotoBucket, all you need is an email addy and it's perfect for hosting icons!
3. Where are good quality caps of the films? Here thanks to fraught, here thanks to dj43 (you might have to ask her to reupload them for you in their .zip files. if she's unable to do it, I will be glad to zip them for you and send them to you!), here thanks to Eirythe, and here thanks to symbolia!
4. Can we post avatars, AIM icons, etc. here? I'd rather you post them at themummyfans, since they are for message boards/aim/msn messenger/etc and not for LJ.
5. Are there going to be icontests? I'm afraid I just don't have the time for it!